Post Renovation Cleaning in Ankeny

When you think of a construction site, the last thing you’d associate with it is cleanliness. It’s just a fact of life that surrounding a construction zone there’s dust, dirt, sawdust, and a number of possible spills that could occur at any time.

When you decide to remodel a part or all of your home, your living space is going to be transformed into a construction site.

With more and more Ankeny residents opting for renovations, post-construction leaning services have become an important industry.

At Simply Home Solutions, we’ve been offering these services longer than most. For high-quality construction cleaning, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply Home Solutions to the Rescue!

There are two situations we are excellent at handling when it comes to post-construction cleanup.

The Pre-Plan

Homeowners as well as contractors in Ankeny are aware of the dynamic cleaning services we offer. Often times a plan is created well ahead of time to ensure that our team can show up to clean right when the contractor and their build team is leaving.

We understand that schedules are not always set in stone when it comes to renovations. Our clients benefit from flexible scheduling so if a job wraps up early or late we can supply you with the best backup spot available.

The Emergency

Maybe your construction company promised they would clean up after themselves, or you figured you’d be able to handle it just fine on your own.

Construction site cleaning is often a lot more difficult than you’d expect, and many builders eager to finish up a job are going to miss spots and leave smaller items like stray nails and screws behind in the aftermath.

At Simply Home Solutions, we’ll be able to set up a cleaning session as soon as possible to finish up your renovation so you can start enjoying it.

Whether you’re a pre-planner or an emergency booker, we treat all of our clients equally and have built up quite a few loyal Ankeny customers over the years who continue to use our cleaning services.

A Team You Can Trust

Licensed, bonded, and insured, the Simply Home Solutions team is made up of many experienced technicians who know how to give your home the deepest clean possible.

Insured for your peace of mind as well as our own, every new hire is trained and is guaranteed to act with respect towards you and your home.

The Simply Home Solutions promise is not only to make your home magazine-ready, but to do so in a friendly manner.

Devoted to Clean

It’s not everyone’s favorite task to clean, but at Simply Home Solutions we love what we do! Hiring a team for construction site cleaning services who really care about what they’re doing will show in the results you get.

Through our years in the local industry, we continue to learn and grow and incorporate up-to-date cleaning techniques and products that will ensure you have the cleanest home on the block.

When you’re planning your next renovation, don’t hesitate to call! A deep clean is the best way to finish off your project.