Spring Cleaning: Des Moines

The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, birds are singing—and your home is still a messy winter hibernation den. The longer days are making it really easy to see all that dust build up. Time for spring cleaning!

When Des Moines homeowners and apartment renters are looking for the best cleaning company to get them into gear after the slump of winter, they come to Simply Home Solutions.

Our dedicated team works with speed and efficiency to scrub every surface, wax every floor, polish all that glass—all for amazingly competitive pricing.

A clean home isn’t a luxury, it’s what you deserve!

The Professional Advantage

Before we tackle any job, we discuss with our client what they’d like us to focus on. With spotless cleaning as a goal, we create lists and ensure that we have all the tools and cleaners to get the job done.

Preparation is important, and at Simply Home Solutions we are very organized.

Many of our Des Moines clients wonder, why hire a professional cleaning company when they usually clean their own home?

If you don’t want to engage in weekly or bi-weekly services, you can still benefit from a one-time seasonal deep clean.

Ask yourself honestly: how often do you dust? For many, the answer is never. When you have our team over we’ll dust everything! You’d be surprised at the difference it will make.

We know all the tricks of the trade that help us get to all those hard-to-reach spots you may not have even thought to try.

We’ll get down on our hands and knees if necessary to ensure everything is done right.

When it comes down to it, when you invest in residential cleaning services, you’re simply going to have a better clean. This is our business—our passion, and we’ve worked hard to get to where we are today. The results of hiring deep cleaning services will have you questioning why you never did it before!

Love Your Home

It’s guaranteed that when we finish your full house spring cleaning, you’re going to love your home so much more. A clean house can bring back those feelings of when you first moved in. Clean windows will let in more light, and our eco-friendly products will make everything smell exactly the way spring should smell.

It’s been scientifically proven that a cleaner home reduces stress. Cortisol levels are affected when you’re living amidst a mess, so let us bring them back down so you can relax.

Spring Cleanup Done Right

Affordable cleaning services can be tough to find in Des Moines, but luckily you’ve found us! Keeping your home clean is important for so many reasons. By investing in a good spring cleaning service, you’ll prevent allergies and protect your immune system.

Feel better about your health and about your home when you hire Simply Home Solutions. Give us a call today and we’ll set up a meeting within the next few days to take a look at your home and discuss how we can lend a hand!